Dallas, TX – Margaret (800-723-3250)
  • Martha Foster Group #14765
Atlanta, GA – Jackie Eun (323-264-2108)
  • Americasmart Showroom 11S-337 (Jacqueline Collection Showroom)
Las Vegas (323-264-2108)
  • B1107-1107 (Brasilia Room) WWIN show at Rio Hotel in Feb, August
Florida (323-264-2108)
  • Trendz Show at West Palm Beach in Jan, April, August, October
Chicago – Mindy Carlson (708-670-8578)-MN, IA, ND, SD
  • Stylemax Shows – Mindy Carlson at Market and on the Road
Northern California – James Toy (415-517-6993)
  • San Mateo Convention Center – at Market and on the Road
NC, SC, VA, WV – Barbara Frazier (336-294-6705) 
*** Contact local sales representative for other trade show location and date.